Thursday, September 30, 2010

I accidentally some hummus

At work, we have a catered lunch meeting each Wednesday.  This week there was yummy hummus, I wasn't thinking completely and I accidentally some hummus!  Hummus contains garbanzo beans and that darn list has 'beans' on it.  Why be so general?  I guess I can take that as all beans though if they don't specify.  So after the lunch, I realized what I did, and thought 'hot damn!'.  A couple hours later, a migraine, or as I like to call it now, a miggy, started to appear.  (If it has a cuter name, will it be less painful?)  Then again today, about mid day, another miggy appeared.  I hit both of those bozo's with some Immy (new name for Imitrex) and they flew away.  So I guess I kind of know now about the hummus.

Just found out, garbanzo is a legume as opposed to a bean.  But so is a peanut and it's on the list.

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