Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sleepy Mojito

Chocolate Haagen Dazs ice cream was a disaster.  I think.  I felt funny in the morning after eating it so I resorted to taking an Imitrex.  Later in the night, I started feeling a migraine coming on again.  Now here is where it gets tricky.  I was also pretty tired and I shared a mojito with a friend. (be careful you don't suck up some mint leaves through your straw, it's gross!)  Could either of these factors be part of the cause of the later migraine?  I don't know but when I finally got home around 1am, I decided to take one advil first to see how I felt.  Then, as I started dozing off, I realized that my pain was pretty bad and I didn't want to be woken up continually through the night from the pain and discomfort.  I took an Imitrex and sleep soundly.

Again this morning I don't feel that great, is it still the after effects of the initial chocolate ice cream?  I don't know but I intend to continue to do my experimenting this entire week before kicking it out or adding it to my diet.

Oh chocolate gods, please agree to work with me and not against.  Chocolate, I want you in my life forever.  I will always love you.


  1. I was cleaning all day yesterday and feel hungover/sick/headache coughing so bad today. Household cleaning chemicals, and scented plug-ins are baaaaad fyi. Anytime I eat something I feel sick. I just got a mask for that but wish I thought of the mask cuz now my sunday is ruined :(

  2. I don't use any plug-ins but I do sometimes light some of those warm scents from Body Shop. Or candles as well. I hope they aren't effecting my migraines. :0