Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My diet/plan

So, almost two weeks ago, I cut out many foods from my diet. I followed the list found here, http://www.healthcentral.com/migraine/triggers-29502-5.html, this is the mother load list.  It has been pretty easy for me thus far, I drink 2% milk with cereal in the morning, (I have a whole foods down the street from me so it's conveniently located, but not so convenient for my wallet.)  An alternative that I like in the morning is bran muffins or scrambled eggs with vegetables such as mushrooms and asparagus (my faves) or sometimes I just have some hard/soft boiled eggs and green tea.  I found this great bread
that does not contain yeast, it's from Pacific Bakery 
http://pacificbakery.com/faqs/#yeastfree and it is very good.  I've been bringing lunch to work each day, a turkey sandwich, some type of vegetable and water.  For dinner I make a salad, mixed baby greens, chicken, goat cheese, with a balsamic vinaigrette.  Now I know vinegar is on the list but somehow this is working for me.  

Here is my plan, each week I will add one item from the list to my diet and see if it triggers a migraine.  Friday will be my official two week-versary with no migraines/being on this diet.  Since I am starved for the endorphin release and tastey, chocolatey, goodness, I, of course, want my first item to be chocolate.  The problem is, I think I already know that chocolate is a trigger, but I just really, really don't want it to be.  So, Friday night after work I will get a pint of Chocolate Haagen Daz ice cream and  also a pint of some soy chocolate ice cream, (just in case it is the whole milk that is the trigger).  I will wait until Sunday to have the soy version because according to the site with the giant food trigger list, you can eat a food item and up to 48 hours later it can still trigger a migraine.  I also have some dark chocolate candy that I can experiment with.  I highly anticipate that if a migraine will come, it will come Saturday morning as sort of a chocolate hang over.  

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