Monday, October 4, 2010

The Yeast of my problems

Since we last spoke, I decided to add yeast to my diet.  This came about as a last minute judgement call.  I found myself at Umami burger on Sunday.  If you have not tried this specimen yet, I highly encourage it.  I knew I was going to order the Truffle Burger.  On the drive over, I thought of taking the bun off and just eating it protein style but, I didn't want to ruin the experience.  And it IS an experience.  Since I hadn't decided what to add for this week, I thought, why not.  I was actually listening intently, as the freshly made burger cooled, to my friends and I rehash the previous nights happenings.  Wherein after, I said, "Ok guys, I gotta go", (I wanted everyone to know that it was time for me to eat and not be interrupted while in this meditative state) and I sank my toothy grin into the best burger in town.

So right now it is Monday night and as of yet, no miggy.  I still have 24 hours to go for the full test.  Perhaps then I will eat some other form of yeast and play the waiting game again.

I must also mention that I get hangover's in the form a miggy.  On Saturday night I had a high school reunion and I had several/five glasses of wine.  WHITE wine of course.  I expected it and anticipated it and I got it....a miggy.  I'm hoping it is just because I drank too much, and not the actual white wine that gave me the reaction.  What gives me this hope is the fact that I started drinking the wine at about 7pm and I didn't suffer the miggy until the next morning.  Now with red, I start to get a miggy within a couple hours of the first sip and only need the one glass.  In the end, an imitrex extinguished the miggy shortly thereafter and I was fine the rest of the day.

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