Thursday, October 21, 2010

It's in the car

Migraine came to visit Wednesday mid morning, took an imitrex and it was gone by lunch.  Now it's Thursday after lunch time and I feel one coming on again.  I'll have to go to my car to get some imitrex.....on the way to work today, I didn't screw on my top to the water bottle tight enough and 3/8ths of the stuff spilt out into my purse.  Of course I realized this while driving in traffic.  I bobbed for my phone first with my hand, I felt the puddle pooling in the bottom of my fake leather purse.  I pulled my drenched phone out and continued to grab everything else out and place on the floor of my car to dry off (while driving...I know, I live life on the edge).  These handfuls included, several lipsticks (Mac), a foundation ($$), my pill case with imitrex in it (luckily I hadn't opened any of the pills so they were quite safe in their plastic time capsule like wrappings).  Bobby pins and receipts were poured out into my work parking lot with the last bit of water that didn't get soaked into the fabric.  Now my phone sits dismembered upon a paper towel on my desk until I revive it. 

I need an assistant to go fetch me my pills so I don't have to go outside in this condition.  What if I collapse from the pain while riding in the elevator?!

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