Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I almost had a breakdown today.  At work we got these silly mugs which were filled with milk chocolate/peanut butter lindt chocolates.  I know I can't have chocolate or else a miggy comes out, but it was right after lunch and the thought of a creamy chocolatey, peanut buttery morsel sounded so perfect.  I told my life coach what I planned to do, that maybe if I just had one or if I ate them really fast and no one knew, it would be the end he had to talk me off the ledge.  I gave the chocolate to a coworker and all was well.  Plus I had chinese food for lunch and for all I know there was MSG in there, are they still allowed to have that?  I don't know but I know it's on the list of what not to eat.   Therefore eating the chocolate would have thrown off my food tests.

Tomorrow I will give away some of my delectable dark chocolate chews to someone at work.  I also have a stash of chocolate protein drinks in my fridge that I used to chug after each workout or just as a snack between meals.  I would love it if there is such a small amount of cocoa powder in there that it wouldn't trigger a miggy.  I will try that possibly this weekend to see.  I miss that.  It's so hard to snack whilst being able to eat almost nothing!  Arrrgh!  But, I am enjoying not having a miggy everyday, it's amazing.  I actually had one this week.  I can't remember what the circumstance was...darn it, I need to keep a food diary.

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